Email Marketing That Converts

Do you know what sending out quotations to customers, following up with different departments at work or even responding to customer inquiries have in common? Yes, you guessed it right: E-mail!


Nobody who has been around in the last 40 years in America is oblivious to the power of e-mail. In fact, according to Business Insider, 98 percent of Americans check their emails every single day. The potential with something that users engage with on a daily basis is huge!


Think about it: Whether a potential customer lives in London and sleeps during your working hours or lives two blocks away from you, he/she never loses out on new things that your brand is launching or promoting. The message that would otherwise be lost in time on social media or other means of marketing can be retrieved by the consumer according to his or her own convenience… and Email engagement = Business engagement! This is why Email Marketing can be the miracle that your business needs.

Let Us Help You

Not only do we have years of experience in delivering the very best, but we also have our very satisfied customers to vouch for us. With a consumer satisfaction rate of 100 percent, we have made a strong footing in the industry for ourselves—all this with our par excellence in digital marketing and the understanding of how it should be tailored for each business. We pride ourselves in putting our customers first, and that is why we send out tens of thousands of emails every month. Looking to take your business to the next level? Get in touch with our email marketing experts today!

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves carefully designing, planning and scheduling email campaigns that help to build a relationship with the targeted audience. What that means is that all campaigns are not meant for the entire consumer base: it depends on what the consumer showed interest in, what he likes/dislikes and also where he is in terms of his purchasing journey. It allows to nurture the relationship between the business and its consumer base by building engagement and loyalty.

Why is it Important for your Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing finds a special place in marketing campaigns simply because it begets results.  About 1/3rd of customers actively prefer communication through email than other communication channels, and it is one of the most effective methods for targeted marketing. You can pick the section of your consumer base that you would like to target with a campaign and tailor it to meet their engagement.

What Sets it Apart from Other Marketing Channels?

Unlike social media posts or print ads, the content for emails is not visible to all. This allows for businesses to cater to different sections of the consumer base using a tailored strategy—and that too at no extra cost! If your consumers are still making up their mind about buying something, a different strategy is to be deployed than when they are actively looking for service providers for a particular service. This can be used to nudge customers to buy. Special offers and promos for birthday months, anniversary months based on consumer database—you name it, and you can do it with email marketing!

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Email Marketing At Best


Remind Yourself

We all have people who stumble upon our website but do not buy immediately. If not reminded of your brand, these potential customers might even forget about your brand and buy from a competitor. Email Marketing fills that gap. Effective email campaigns target consumers in a way that they engage with and bring people back to your website again.

Return of Investment

Surveys have found that consumers are increasingly making purchases as a result of email marketing! What is even more incredible is that the ROI is huge!

Repeat Customers

You can send regular emails to your existing customers to upsell products or services and to also encourage them to remember your brand.  This lowers your customer acquisition cost drastically and brings in huge revenue!

Brand Advocacy

Your brand is much more than your products or services: it is also a portrayal of values your business represents. Because today’s branding goes beyond just getting consumers to buy from you, emails serve as a way to showcase what your company values and believes in. The best part: if consumers really benefit or relate to your content, they tell their friends and family about your business and organically bring in more consumers!

What We Do: A to Z of Email Marketing

We at MZ Digital Marketing pride ourselves as experts of the art of crafting the perfect emails that get results. Be it designing the perfect campaign or giving you tools to monitor the ROI—we do it all.

Responsive Email Design 

It is an imperative that whatever banners, content or formatting your email campaigns use are coded to achieve optimal formatting across all devices. We use HTML and CSS to achieve that, utilizing all media queries. With our premium tools, you can schedule the campaign delivery as you see fit. Because we have feedback loops with all major internet providers, you get the best delivery rates for all your campaigns.

Automated Email Marketing

Our Automated Email Marketing allows for a headache free delivery, planning and execution of email campaigns. Set schedules, determine sections of clientele—all this way before the actual campaign, and then leave it on auto-cruise. We’ll weed out your old and redundant email addresses and make sure your list is clean and ready to score deliverability points. This allows for more accurate metrics as well.

Email Copywriting

Inspired to create something of production value with your own hands? Our easy to use tools allow you to create catchy email campaigns with ease from ANY device. Just drag and drop—and voila! An email only delivers if it’s catchy and well-written. This is why we at MZ Digital Marketing curate the perfect copy that achieves results and gives increased returns on investment.

Campaign Deployment

Our fully managed service includes the creation of several email campaigns per month, all professionally designed and written for you. We focus on helping you maximize the performance of your business with behaviorally targeted, triggered communications. It’s important that your campaigns are scheduled and delivered on time to achieve the best results. We allow you to pre-plan and store your campaigns on the cloud for you to access those anytime and anywhere.


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A/B Split Test

Meet the game-changer of Email Marketing: A/B testing! It allows you to send two slightly different emails to a small set of consumers to check and compare conversion rates. This ensures that you only send out a campaign that actually brings in results! Anything from subject line to sending time can be tested. Track bounce rates, unsubscription rates, click through rates—all before you even send out a full-blown campaign.

Track Campaigns

Metrics are important to improve upon existing campaigns. With our tools, get an insight into click-through rates, analyze performance with charts and improve the way you do your business. You can track everything from a number of people who clicked on a link to a number of people who unsubscribed after the campaign—giving you a way to curate better deliverables.

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