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Business expansion decisions are often heavily influenced by Customer Acquisition Costs and time it can take to acquire new customers. This includes getting them familiar with your services and brand, getting them interested, and then the final ‘nudge’ that makes them buy something from your business. The truth is that new customers can be really expensive to bring onboard, and generating new leads can take forever. What if we told you there was a way you could solve both those issues NOW. Dear business owner, meet your new best friend: Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).


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We have 100 percent customer satisfaction rate for a reason—we not only make big flowery promises but actually live up to them. We think the customer is king and this is why we offer the most competitive rates for your PPC campaigns—tailored and customized according to your industry and budget. With our years of experience and a team of certified professionals, we ensure quality control. Whatever it may be, we got you covered—all you got to do is sit back and watch your business grow.
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What is PPC?

Like the name suggests, this advertising model targets visits to a website by bringing in targeted customers who are looking for services related to what your business offers. Each time an advert brings a website visit, you are charged a small fee. If the ad has been set up correctly keeping in mind the buyer persona of your customers, the fee can be very low when compared to results it can bring in.

Why Every Business Needs PPC

Because new customers are the key to stay relevant in the business world, the quest to acquire those can’t be a one-time thing as well. It has to be a process that happens simultaneously along with other core business operations. This is where PPC can be a blessing in disguise.
  • It has high deliverables: It has the highest click-through rate of all forms of marketing. About 41% of all clicks go the paid advertisements at the top of the page. Because Search Engines charge you for those, paid results appear even before the top SEO-optimized content.
  • It brings results quicker: It can take months to rank up high on Search Engines or build an email list significant enough for Email marketing. With PPC, the results are not only high but also much quicker. If set up correctly, the ads can start doing the work for you as soon as they are published.
  • It’s targeted: Don’t want to attract college students or teenagers? If your ideal customer is a mid-age suburban man, you can reach only people like him with targeted advertising. With a narrowed down audience, you can target leads that will actually convert.
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How Does Paid Advertising Work?

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is very similar to Search Engine Optimization—except the results are quicker and easier to achieve. Every single day your content doesn’t reach the customer, you lose out potential customers to the competitor whose content did. This is why acting quick can be so important.
The advertising appears in results when a potential customer searches for keywords related to what you sell. Each business bids on the Search Engine Keyword Space for keywords they want to rank for and Search Engines like Google and Bing pick only the most relevant adverts to display at top based on a Quality Score. The Quality Score works two ways: it helps the search engine to display the best content and helps businesses to lower their costs for each click. The higher the quality score, the less your cost for PPC will be.
But here’s the thing- just like any successful marketing campaign, PPC advertising requires time and expertise. These ads need to be regularly tweaked, modified, tracked and even removed if needed to achieve the best quality scores.
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Why You Need a PPC Company

Two words: Quality Score. What’s the point of dishing out money if your ads do not even deliver? Maintaining a marketing campaign is a job that requires commitment. To put it into better perspective, let’s understand how Google and other Search Engines determine Quality Score.
Relevant Keywords
Negative Keywords for retargeting
Landing Pages
Click-Through Rate
All of these things require regular modifications to achieve a quality score worth its salt. You also have to regularly update the advert itself and remove underperforming keywords and boost the ones that work the best after doing split testing. This not only requires a lot of time and effort but also expertise. If you are looking at hiring a Google Ads-certified employee with experience, you are looking at dishing out at least $5,000 every month. What if there was an easier way? We at MZ Digital Marketing do all of those things for you for a fraction of the price! Contact us for your advertising needs today!

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Our Paid Advertising Services

Get full Google Ads set up from certified professionals who take care of A to Z of campaign management for you—right down to reporting.

PPC Audits

A PPC advertising campaign requires regular audits in order to sustain quality scores and save costs. By combining analytics, testing and deep research on your industry & service areas, we come up with objectives for each audit and make necessary improvements.  Not only this, we also analyze what your competitors are doing in order to beat them at their own game. With us, your PPC campaigns are always optimized to achieve only the best results at the minimum cost.

Search Ads

Paid search targets customers who are looking to buy services or products your business is offering by displaying your website on the top of the page. Because the results are displayed at the top, the click-through rate is high. It is important to note that even though it can be money spinner, an incorrectly set up campaign can potentially waste a lot of money too. It is an imperative that these ad campaigns are regularly tweaked and updated. With landing pages that actually convert and proper keyword research, we at MZ Digital marketing ensure that your campaign is a success and costs as little money as possible.

Display Advertising

By tracking user behavior, we put a banner or catalog advert in front of users that have already shown interest in your products or services. Correctly set up banner adverts will be shown on multiple websites in order to remind existing customers to act. We do the tracking—and we do the placement. All you got to do is sit back and count the money this brings to your business.

Remarketing & Reporting

Not all customers buy when they visit your website. Once they are gone, they might not even remember they visited your business’s website. By retargeting these customers, we remind them of your brand and nudge them to act. Because not all customers are the same, without remarketing you can be losing out on a huge base of customers who are deliberate and picky. Improve ROI with specially designed ads that target these customers as these deliver high conversions.
Get periodic updates on your campaign as we track them on a daily basis. Know what can be improved, what works better and get insight into conversions that choices of keywords bring, and get ranked organically for the keywords you pay for as well.


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